by Graham's Dead??

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This album was recorded by live tracking at Middlesbrough College just to prove that it can still be done. One guitar. One bass. One drumkit. Stripped and raw, presented pure and honest for all you punk-rock connoisseurs, please enjoy "Bailout!" by Graham's Dead??

We don't want your money however any money that is received will be donated to the charity of our choice:


released June 8, 2013

All songs written and ruined by Graham's Dead?? 2013
Kp - Words and Bass
David Elliott - Percussion
Tom Randall - Six String

Recorded at Middlesbrough College, mixed and mastered by Kurtis Brudenell

Album Art and Logo by No Regrets Merch



all rights reserved


Graham's Dead?? Lancaster, UK

One died and three replaced him. Forever Graham, forever raw

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Track Name: Go Go Psycho
Little revolution
Stupid little lies
Little evolution
Little bit o’ spine

I just wanna be somebody else
I just wanna be somebody else

Psycho psycho you’re not the one I need
No, need no, more ketamine or speed
I don’t believe in dopamine
When it’s only you and me

Sitting on the hatred
Sitting on the vibe
Sitting here in prison
Standing on a wire

I just wanna be somebody else
I just wanna be somebody else

Don’t go don’t go, don’t go telling all your friends
Tho, please know, I always wanted you to leave
I always wanted to see tears
You only wanted me…
Track Name: Sodium Nights
Skin in hoods
Sodium light
A dying sidewalk tribe
Pauper kings
Deep fat fried
Brave a pointless fight

We had the look or so they say
But now it aint nothing but a memory
A fabrication that your parents see
Suck it up brother, there’s no such thing as home

Powder girls
Screaming cats
Watch the assholes dance
Neon puke
Crystal sand
Colourize the bland
Track Name: Warning Signs
Life giveth and life taketh away
Another bullshit day
I’ll send a note to Amy
She’ll file my thoughts away

Good lovers will always pretend
They’re broken hearts to mend
But they don’t hear the music
And they don’t tie then ends

I hear them calling
I hear them calling my last days
Ignore the warnings
Ignore the warning signs and play
Track Name: Maniac
Sorry sorry I killed that guy
An unmanned drone strike to the eye
Sorry I made his daughter cry
I’m still not sure if he had to die or not
Track Name: Dark Inside
Dark inside since Sunday
When was that anyway?

It’s not that I don’t recall you at all
Or mean those savage things I sing down the phone
Dismembered memories of something bitter cold
The darkened heart of me is starting to resolve and wants to say:

There’s no one home
There’s no one home
There’s no one home, I’m fucking wasted

We’d feel the emptiness
If we could feel at all
Long pacified by the
Televisual war
On the mind

There’s no one home
There’s no one home
There’s no one home, I’m fucking wasted
Track Name: Overnight To Anywhere
Dry your eyes before they ice
I know that winter can be cruel
Wine and coke is not champagne
And micro-rice aint proper food

But I’ve got a little bit of money
And I’ve got a bucket load of time

Friends in need can speak too much
But only shits have shallow ears
Don’t be scared to flee the scene
I’ve got the wheels if you’ve got gear

You’ve got a little bit of something
You’ve got more than enough to have my time
Yeah it’s true we aint got much
But it’s more than they’ve given us

You only have to be brave once
The road is dark and dead at night
The world can’t offer half as much
As where we’ll be come morning light

I’ve got a little bit of…
And you’ve got a bucket load of…

Yeah it’s true we aint got much
But it’s more than they’ve given us
Track Name: Dear Edward
Safe inside the car
Safe and dry and far from all the crime
I’m not crying

Stiff behind the wheel
Watch the world beneath me break apart
I’m not crying

Gravity abides
But now I’m pretty sure I’m flying
And I don’t mind

Time's the only thing that's left behind
And I don’t mind

The sea on choppy shores
Just the way it’s always gonna be
I’m not crying

Endings free the mind
Thoughts like glassy clear December skies
I’m not crying

Seventeen is not a lucky integer for me
Or those who scrape the pieces off the curb

I am distressed at all the answers
Vexed with little questions
All the world is only feelings undescribed